Books and Memory

“All of the children bar one boy who was hopping along on crutches and couldn’t keep up…”

A few weeks ago I went to my Mom’s house to clean my old bedroom. While cleaning I saw the green spine of thin white hard cover book. When I took it off the bookshelf, I saw the illustration of a man in red and yellow gaberdine walking and playing a pipe. Behind him was group of children hustling after him. It was the Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning.


Basically Hamelin has a bit of a vermin problem, and this mysterious piper agrees to get rid of the rats for a fee. However, after he takes the rodents boogying to their death, the town goes back on it’s promise about payment. So the piper plays another tune, and takes away all the children from the town.

As a child I didn’t read very much, but for some reason I would read this over and over. Sometimes I would just look at the illustrations. The picture that always got me was the one of the little boy on crutches who couldn’t “…run and jump and skip…” as fast as the other kids so he got left behind.

From childhood to my early teen years I lived pretty nomadic existence. I always felt like I was starting over; like hitting the reset button on my nintendo at random intervals. And while I always made friends no matter where I went, I couldn’t shake that sense of being an outsider. I always got the sense that other people were having more fun than I was.

Though I didn’t realize it then, I think I saw myself as the kid with the crutches who just couldn’t move fast enough.

Wow, what a depressing first post. Free writing is dangerous. Funny how books can show you things about yourself that you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Anyway, after a sterile couple of weeks working the business desk as an intern at a local newspaper, I realized I needed a space to write about whatever felt like…and then promote it shamelessly across the internet.

So here, without further ado is the Wandering Bookmark!

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