Ishiguro on the Boardwalk

So in the spirit of staying healthy, I decided to set myself a goal. I decided to start training for the local 5k run that is usually held around November/December.

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

The plan was to run 30 minutes everyday up and down the south coast boardwalk, which is either 1.2 km or 1.6 km depending on which website I decide to follow. I think it’s probably the 1.2.

The challenges:

  1. Waking up early in the morning
  2. Staying focused running
  3. Generally not being very fit.

So a couple of mornings ago I bought myself an iPod shuffle and put on an audiobook I’ve been trying to listen to for a long time, The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.

I say trying, because whenever I start listening to it I fall asleep. So I had this bright idea that listening to the audiobook while running might help me to zone out, so I can run longer and read a book at the same time.

I’ll be running so falling asleep, hopefully, shouldn’t be a problem.

Sadly, the laws of physics have nothing on Murphy’s law; If anything can go wrong, it will.

After 5 days of running ( before I even got to start out my ingenious plan) I’ve managed to pull something in my back. So my first two days of listening to the audio book has actually been spent in my Doctor’s waiting room. (Going to the doctor actually had nothing to with my back, but that’s a whole other story.)

Downton Abbey

Like millions of others, I am a Downton Abbey junkie, and I remember waiting for the third season and being at a total loss at what to do in the meantime. Then I stumbled across a blog that made movie/book suggestions on how an addict like myself could cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

The Remains of the Day was on that list and ever since then I have been trying to listen to the audiobook. By that I time had already read Never Let Me Go and enjoyed it thoroughly. So I chose this one without batting an eyelid.

I’m better at reading than listening to audiobooks, but at the time I was going through audiobook buying phase.

Can’t wait for the pain to ease so I can get fit and find out what happens next.

Image Credit 1,2: GoodReads, IMDB

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