Ishiguro on the Boardwalk Day 1

My first morning listening to The Remains of The Day while running was okay, but there were some problems.


I hit play and allowed Nigel Hawthorne’s voice to wash over me. The narration of the head butler of Darlington Hall, Stevens, dipped and rolled a lot like the English countryside he was traveling through to get to Miss Kenton.

Thankfully, the boardwalk I ran on did not dip and roll very much, and, at least for the first 2.4 km, I was able to zone out a little.

However, the immediate problem was that my headphones seemed to magnify the sounds around me; the crashing waves, the thumping of my shoes on the wood, sudden gusts of wind and the passing traffic.

Then, when I was on my 3rd lap, which would have made it 3.6 km, when Stevens and Miss Kenton were having a disagreement about the competence of Steven’s aging father, I kept having to adjust the headphones because my ears had begun to get sweaty.

On my 4th, and final, lap I got frustrated and pulled the headphones out all together and just ran.

So I completed my running goal, but I think I need better headphones.

Image Credit: Saronic Magazine

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