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Tales of Old Japan

So recently there was post on GalleyCat about a new Samurai flick starring Keanu Reeves called 47 Ronin, which is ‘loosely based on a Japanese story.’


This isn’t the first film adaption. One was done back 1941 called The 47 Ronin.

According to the post, this version of the tale was brought to the west by Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, Lord Redesdale, in a collection called Tales of Old Japan.

So in the spirit of expanding my literary horizons I’ll give this collection a shot.

A little piece of Nostalgia


There are times when I miss the unchecked irresponsible pursuit of pleasure seeking teenage years. Ah the 90’s.

It was the time off Steve Urkel, Buffy and Scream. American Pie was controversial and some young pop stars wouldn’t go to rehab for a few years yet.

And as the 90’s came to a close, an entire generation was bombarded with the impending disaster of the Y2K bug.

So I’ll be following Leonora Epstein’s 19 Quintessential Books of the 90’s post as a sort of tribute to a time gone by. I’ve already kicked it off by reading The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, and now I’ve embarked on a long journey through Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

Image Credit: IMDB, Goodreads

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