I’m Back…Well sort of/ “24 in 48 Readathon”

It’s been a long time since I’ve set anything down here. Scrolling through some of the posts I did last year I realised that I reneged on just about every single blog commitment that I made.

A few comments languish while awaiting moderation.

Unfinished posts in the drafts that are no longer true or relevant.

Most of what few followers I had are gone, so right now this is really like writing in that secret diary that you probably kept stashed (or still do) in your underwear drawer.

What can I say, things have been crazy for since last September; I’m coming up to the end of my degree program (hopefully), been working, moved apartments a couple times and had my car stolen…fun times.

However, I still have my lovely wife, my three feline amigos, and my books.

Which is the point of this post. Last year I participated in the “24 in 48 readathon” and even though I didn’t make the 24 hours, I enjoyed reading along with some of the most awesome peeps in the blogosphere.

So this is my announcement post for this weekends “24 in 48 readathon”.

I just started reading As Flies To Whatless Boys by Robert Antoni, so that will definitely be one of the books. If I get through that, then I will start The Flamethrowers by Rahel Kushner.

See you guys tomorrow!

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