First Post at Fresh Milk Books


The General In His Labyrinth is the first work by Marquez that I’ve read since he passed away in April. It is also the first review that I’ve written as a Fresh Milk Books contributor.

I chose my first Fresh Milk Books book a couple of weeks ago, a process that probably took the better part of an hour.. a problem most bibliophiles seem to have when in a space filled with good books. I couldn’t even decide between fiction and non-fiction.

At first I was going to write something about Paulo Nazareth: Arte Contemporanea/LTDA, the first book I read at the Colleen Lewis Reading Room, a book filled with beautiful, sometimes unnerving, photographs. I didn’t think I knew enough about art and writing about art though; I’m working on that.

If you’re facing the exit of the CLRR then the fiction section is a tall bookshelf to the left of the door. The book shelf is filled with novels, short story collections, poetry collections and hidden in the depths lie a few memoirs, autobiographies and biographies about fiction writers. After scanning shelf after shelf, I finally stumbled across some works by Marquez, some of which I’ve read (and enjoyed) before. I picked up the book and the first thing I thought was that I’d stumbled into the centre of the labyrinth; this was the right book.

You can check out my review, or any of the reviews by the awesome Fresh Milk Books team (Katherine, Versia, Ronald and Amanda) on the blog.

Any book or magazine that has been reviewed at Fresh Milk Books is available upon request at the CLRR.


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