The Sunday Salon: Random Bookish Things

So here is a random assortment of interesting bookish things.



Recent events in Ferguson and the ones that preceded it, are a kind of unsettling reminder that racial prejudice is alive and well in the world. Any vaguely conscientious reader would be aware that it is also very much alive in the publishing industry. Aarti’s A More Diverse Universe Blog Tour is a kind book blogging activism that is very reminiscent of the We Need Diverse Books movement that took off earlier this year.

For Aarti’s blog tour, all you really need to do is to read and review at least one book by a person of colour in the last two weeks of September, so that’s between the 14th to the 27th.

I will be participating, but I have no idea what I will be reading yet .

Reading Australia
Being the bibliophile that I am I’ve always felt that reading is the best way to learn about another culture. On that note, there is a possibility of my wife and I moving, some time the near future, from our humble little Caribbean island to the largest island in the world, Australia. Reading Australia is my personal reading challenge to learn a few things about my future home through its writers.

Having said that, if anyone feels like participating or have any good reading recommendations feel free comment at any time.

I’ll be putting up my first post for this challenge next weekend.

Talamak: Dessa Darling’s Memoir

Memoirs are usually a written collection of memories based on fact, but Amanda Haynes’ e-publication are dreamlike fictional narratives grounded in emotional truths.

Talamak: Dessa Darling’s Memoir was released earlier this week for free! It was written and directed by the Fresh Milk Books Team leader Amanda, it features illustrations by Fresh Milk Books member Versia Harris and the cover was designed by Kimberly St. Hill.

Stuff I’m looking forward to
There are two things that I’m really excited about; Book Riot’s upcoming new website called Panels for those people who love comic books and I’m anxiously waiting for my copy of Building Stories by Chris Ware.

That’s it for me, hope you guys are having an awesome Sunday.


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5 Responses to The Sunday Salon: Random Bookish Things

  1. Good on you for setting up your own challenge. For recommendations, you could look in my blog Categories under Australian literature, but that could be overwhelming. Contemporary writers you might like to check out would be Tim Winton (particularly Cloudstreet, but any would be good); David Malouf (an early one, Johnno, would be a good place to start); Kate Grenville’s The secret river is a good one about early settlement, and her follow-up The lieutenant; Kim Scott is an indigenous writer and his That deadman dance is an excellent read though some non-Australians find it a little tricky. Michelle de Kretser’s Questions of travel might be appropriate for you. A classic worth looking at would be George Johnston’s My brother Jack. How does all this sound?

  2. biblioglobal says:

    I enjoyed Geraldine Brook’s memoir Foreign Correspondence about growing up in Australia and having pen pals from around the world.

    I’ve got Building Stories on my to-read list. It’s in special collections at the library, so I have to find a time when I can go in and read it there.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! The library service in Barbados isn’t bad, but I don’t get the impression they have the best funding in the world and graphic novels are not very high up on their agenda, so I had no choice but to buy it. I’m jealous of your library! Hope you get time to read Building Stories soon!

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